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It’s how Benji&Me started in the first place! Benji, a great friend and a beautiful beagle, needed a harness that worked for both him and his owner, and we just couldn’t find one that was perfect. So we created our own! Benji loves the beagle harness we came up with, and we know that yours will too. This is a fun-loving breed, and your beagle will be able to run around to his heart’s content without restriction while wearing this harness. When it’s time for training or you need to head home, just clip the leash and you’re ready to go. The design and durability of this beagle harness give you total control while keeping your dog comfortable and secure.

Whether your beagle loves rolling in the grass, playing in the snow, or swimming across the pond, this weather resistant harness is up for whatever the day has in store. And when the adventures run into the night, the bright reflective stitching allows you to keep an eye on your dog after the sun has gone down. We know that your beagle will love this harness just as much as Benji does, so place your order and let the fun begin.